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This step of learning touching also includes talking right in her ear and letting your cheek brush against hers.

There is nothing sinful about the activity of kissing or cuddling, depending upon the definition one gives to these words.

It does not require physical contact or even presence.

Men appear to be more easily stimulated than most women. There are many books and movies written about people who made a choice to follow pleasure in lieu of wisdom.

Your gradually increasing touching communicates all the right things to her.

The best moment to initiate kissing is when your faces are close to each other. Being an excellent lover means knowing HOW to kiss.

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You can hold her back with one hand while doing this or you can put your hand around her shoulders. If you follow all the steps described above, it will be very easy for both of you to start kissing. After a short while, you will find ones that kiss really passionately in spite of the presence of the camera and the crew.

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