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You dare not make any plans intending to spend any romantic minute with your new found lady because every action, deed, word, or plan that you make revolves around this woman constantly skipping you over because 10,002 different plans need to be made regarding her child. Especially if you have friends tag along and those friends have kids of their own. Your whole night will be dominated by a frenzy of discussing how amazing each others kids are, and it just makes you want to throw up. They will cheat at board games right to your face, they will cuss with you or at you, steal your beer, demand that you buy them stuff and then bitch about it when you do…

) This scenario is 1000 times worse when you take her on a romantic vacation.

Don’t dare feel guilty for wanting a little romance , we are all human . I understand perhaps you feel lonely but With your baby being so young have you thought about waiting a little before you start dating?

My a-hole almost ex husband has been dating since we were still ‘happily’ married, and I didn’t know about it. You can have your opinions but being judge mental with them is unnecessary.He has a 2 month old too, but the fact that I’m a woman my life is suppose to stop & I’m to do nothing but focus on the baby. Like maybe something where there’s maybe some single dads on there so they’d understand your situation or people with a vested interest in finding a long term romantic partner to raise a family with ?I’m not bringing any men around my baby any time soon (we have to be in a serious relationship for that) & I’m not asking anyone for help or to be his dad so what is the problem? If your emotionally ready to date and feel it’s the right time for you to get back out there than do it. Your the only person responsible for your own happiness. Or even a friendship app like meetup or bumble might be great to start off on.When dinner is finished and you say “put your plate away.” A six year old girl will not have a single problem with looking you right in the eyes with a defiant gaze and not moving a single muscle in reply to your simple request.Worst case scenario they will resent you because you aren’t Daddy.

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Is it really that bad that I want someone to talk to and go out with on the nights I don’t have my baby??

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