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After all these years I am still a bundle of mush..... You, too, have found your way down the Yellow Brick Road of life...... sex is humiliation and abuse cast upon woman, not an act of love.Sex destroys woman - her confidence, her self-esteem, makes her unwilling to be a female sex. Vitamins and minerals are essential for the growth, development and maintenance of body.And you misspelled the word @[email protected], because there isn`t supposed to be any suffering in heaven. All the best Sarah Chinn Mam, Enjoy this life while you can. Scientifically seeing, body is not a machine in the sense that you can take any amount of things from it. One thing we have to understand that this liquid storehouse of power that we call semen contains a host of essential vitamins and minerals in great quantities and if we keep on losing it too soon, we may end up using our bodily energy too soon.Cant see that there would be any bad side effects to having too much sex, Having sex is a completely normal healthy thing in life. I certainly enjoy having sex almost every day and many times twice a day. If sex is enjoyable to you then you should enjoy it as much as possible. i was married for 25 years, and our pre marriage agreement was that she would get 1/2 hour in the morning and 1/2 hour in the evening. Some vitamins and minerals are too essential and make the heart, brain, liver, kidneys, intestines, etc. Each process in the body consumes some vitamins and minerals like digestion, excretion, continuous heart beat and rhythm, etc.This is the sole reason why people tend to get weaker early, get heart attacks early, get hair loss early and get old and sicken early.

(^^,) Hi, I have quick question my partner and I having sex for 2 hours Everytime seen its others, after 1 hours fast my abdominal is hurt.... one thing come up in my mind is I think his had to long about 10 1/2 inch and I'm a pittite woman.. Make sure you pee before and after, relax, use a lot of lube, and just tell him not to go so deep next time and you'll be fine. The body becomes over-stressed if this storehouse of power and energy is taken out so often as it takes several months to form a drop of potent and healthy semen/sperm.

In the process,we forget ourselves and try to maximise on the pleasure game i.e. The problem is, we exert on the body and we exploit the bodily resources and get entangled into the web created of our own wants and desires and get attached so much to our achievements and pleasures i.e.

we meet the false demands of our senses and make them strong and the mind follows the senses and neglects the intelligence i.e.

Ejaculation by men and women is not a joke and wastage of semen makes a person get angry easily / get weaker day by day / get diseased easily / get old easily and die easily by getting weird diseases in early age.

We have to understand that we are not bodies but souls and until a soul understands that we are part and parcels of a Supersoul, whom we call God/ Almighty/ Jesus, etc.

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