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The story had been an attention-grabbing squealer of a trend piece that left readers' eyes popped with repulsion: Here were the public woes of New York babes in their 20s and 30s whose former high-earning boyfriends had once wined and dined them but now were depressed and moody.

These were men, the DABA girls told the Times, who were now having problems getting it up, who could no longer take them to fancy dinners, who threatened to move out of New York, or whose frayed nerves required care and tending (ew! "It's not what I signed up for," beauty writer Dawn Spinner Davis sniffed to the Times about her new "private wealth manager" husband's recent need for nurture.

Welsh told Bahrampour how women size him up based on his income and how many employees he manages, but that they can afford to be picky if they're very beautiful.

In this world, crazy modern ideas about how men and women come together romantically or sexually -- shared interests, emotional or physical connection, copacetic senses of humor -- does not apply; men still barter with cold cash, women with their pretty faces and their rockin' bods.

The Times' credulity -- its eagerness to sum up the delicious hatefulness of its subjects -- was almost unseemly.

Meanwhile, bookshelves are jampacked with volumes about a decline of masculinity; articles have trumpeted a "boy crisis" in schools.

They sold those characters to a paper -- which in turn served them to a salivating blogosphere.

Part of the public's appetite for it sprang from an impulse to spank and punish the rich.

Here are things that we know: Americans are losing their jobs, fast.

The vast majority of them are men, mostly because the job sectors most harshly affected by the recession -- construction, banking -- remain predominantly male, while female-dominated fields like education and healthcare are some of the most stable.

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