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I think a lot of people don't have much of an idea about what we actually do. Having said that, it does put the pressure on when everyone I know is getting married or buying a house.

Why did you decide to apply for Love in the Countryside? Until recently, I haven't been in one place – because of university, veterinary school and placements in the summer. I'm just going to see what happens : We spoke to him about being gay, coming out and the reaction he got from the farming community.

A new chapter of country matchmaking will soon begin with BBC Two's new primetime show Love in the Countryside, inspired by the work of Country Living and hosted by Sara Cox.

Here's a sneak peek at some of those taking part...

Search online, in local newspapers or on village noticeboards for groups to join – and if there aren’t any that take your fancy, start your own and invite others.

If you feel too shy to turn up by yourself, take a friend.

Whether it’s a concert, class or just a quick drink, say yes to impromptu invites and the possibilities they pose.

Helping out at a community garden, taking part in a beach clean or teaming up with your local Wildlife Trust – there are many fun and rewarding ways to volunteer.

After asking my friends for their opinion, I thought: what have I got to lose – and what have I got to gain?Not only will you use your time positively and proactively, you’re also likely to meet people who share similar values and priorities.In the absence of trendy nightclubs and gastronomic hotspots – the pub is the social epicentre of any small town or village; the place to see and be seen.Do you have an idea about the sort of person you would like to meet on the show? I want to read the letters before looking at the photographs. I've probably been an awful partner over the past couple of years, because I was busy with other stuff and my head was elsewhere. But now I like to think I would be generous and caring.

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