Converse backdating

Sorin, the former general counsel, with improprieties in their handling of stock options.

Wouldn't the MSM just love another reason to fill headlines with "systematic male violence" and all that bullshit.Alexander gained at least .4 million in profit from backdating, according to investigators. Under Alexander, Comverse burgeoned in the 1990s from an obscure technology firm whose stock once sold for a penny to a world-leading producer of voice mail software with 5,000 employees.He resigned as chief executive May 1, as the company conducted an internal investigation of its stock-options program. Y., said the company would make no comment on the government's announcement.Once approved by the board, the grants were transferred to a slush fund under the name "I. Fanton" and Alexander doled out the awards to real employees as he saw fit, the government says.The Comverse actions apparently were driven in large part by an effort to retain and recruit desired workers, but top executives allegedly profited as well.

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