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When he finished, he wiped his brow and gave a sigh of relief.Maybe, he thought, he'd just go to his room and read comics in his underwear for a while.and then starting pleasing him with a blowjob, sucking his dick so tight and pleasant…then she spreads her sexy legs and lets him enter into her sweet hot wet pussy.Between five big sisters and a mom, Lincoln had lost count of how many times he had his face cleaned on the fly, with a variety of tools for the task: washcloths, moist towelettes, and even the old 'spit, shirt, shine' trick. “If this is part of the joke, I don't get it.” Luan shook her head rapidly, as though pulling herself out of a daze. ” Then, her voice turning sultry, she added, “And maybe do other stuff like a man.” “Whew,” Lincoln breathed. He whipped his head around to see black-clad Lucy standing behind him, holding a sheet of paper. ” Lincoln shouted as he opened his bedroom door just wide enough to quickly shove Lucy out and slam it behind her. ” “Sorry, Lincoln, we’re about to wipe the floor with Scofield Elementary in the Long Division Lightning Round. Lincoln watched as Lisa, wearing a head lamp, emerged from the vent and lowered herself to the floor with some sort of grappling device. I eventually located him in Lynn and Lucy's bedroom, but being in a hypervigilant state, Pythagoras eluded my attempts at capture and fled down the hall into Luna and Luan's room, and thence into the air ducts.” “Wait—he was in Lynn and Lucy’s room, and then Luna and Luan’s? Then, turning to Lisa, he asked, “Um, by 'induce sexual receptivity in females,’ do you mean-? But he had never been licked clean before..boy, was it weird. “Um, I…I guess I'd better clean that pie off the floor...before Mom and Dad give me my just desserts! Then, grinning wolfishly, she opened her robe, under which she was wearing only her new training bra and a pair of red sports undies. ” Lincoln shouted, averting his eyes and dashing for the safety of his room. “That was-” “Lincoln,” a voice said in a gravelly alto. “I wasn't finished,” Lucy called with audible frustration. Those guys couldn't carry the remainder if it had a handle on it! Otherwise, whoever has to wash my undies will be seeing red. Feeling put upon, Lincoln asked, “Why do you guys need so much...stuff?

“Sweetie,” his mother said, “your father and I need to run some more errands. Now go take the rest of these things upstairs.” Lincoln hauled the toilet paper and the sizeable boxes of tampons and pads up the stairs and put them in the hall closet next to the bathroom.But at least it answered the question of what he was going to do with his Saturday morning. “And hook me up with some of those ultra-thin pads with wings, will ya? “Those wings are totally not what I thought they were,” said Leni.“Remind her to get the extra-absorbent tampons this time,” Lori continued. On second thought, make it two boxes.” Luan, popping out from her bedroom door, added, “Definitely! Lincoln wondered whether this might explain why he had seen Leni jump off the roof of the garage and land messily in a trash can a couple of weeks earlier.By now, you've probably noticed that having ten siblings presents some unique challenges -- especially when you’re the only boy. It was Saturday morning, and Lincoln Loud was thinking about what to do with his day. “Because boys like girls with smooth legs,” Leni replied matter-of-factly.Because while there are a few advantages, like getting my own room, there’s one big down side. His best friend Clyde was competing in the All-City Mathletics Tournament, so Lincoln was considering other options as he ambled down the upstairs hallway to get in line for the bathroom. “Well, I’m a boy, and I don’t care about that at all,” Lincoln said.

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