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But here with Paul Bocuse, the concepts of Spanish molecular gastronomy, California cuisine, and Japanese fusion are foreign. Bocuse only uses classic sauces because he believes it's the best way to highlight the flavors of meat, fish, and vegetables. It vaguely reminded me of the restaurant from Ratatouille some of the dock-side seafood restaurants I'd seen in New England, with its casual yet attractive colors.

Letters above both the entrance and restaurant read "PAUL BOCUSE." I figured I was at the right place.

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We didn’t choose anything that needed cooking, but picked up charcuterie and pâté and the best cheeses we could find, plus nuts, fruits, olives, and figs with honey and goat cheese for dessert, and a bottle of champagne.

I’d make the pasta dough ahead of time and prepare a simple salad—bitter greens and olives—and a side of roasted mushrooms with hazelnuts.

Then you just toss in the pasta in butter, chopped herbs, and Parmesan.

By that same token, the best date meals are the ones that you cook yourself.

For your next date night (because, you know, it’s Cuffing Season and all), skip the jockeying for a table at that hot new restaurant and get to know each other over a cozy, home-cooked meal. Here are 10 celebrated chefs from across the country on their go-to date meals.

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