Challenge women dating

You were successful at intriguing him with that challenge and intrigue can be a passing phase.

I mean some will become so obsessed with it and it will be what they constantly talk about.As you can clearly see I do not like this challenge concept at all, so let me better explain my position against the idea that men like a challenge.How many of you know a woman or have been a woman who has used this strategy.So though she may think the challenge helped, that really was not what created a great relationship.In some cases the woman is able to reel the man in and he simply gets “stuck”.

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  1. This was my introductory message strategy: I read your profile and really like that [insert a hobby, activity, job – something you liked about that person that made you think they might make a good match for you]. If you get a chance, please take a minute to read my profile to see if you’d like to get to know me as well.