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I have two identical Cacti (0.8.6h) virtual machines and both based on Cacti EZ version 1 installation.I have been migrating the virtual machines between different Vmware hosts and at some point my second Cacti appliance did not update the RRD graphs and using the web interface was very slow. If the poller couldn't get the data then it's usually an issue relating to connectiviy/SNMP. If it's not updating with data then you should change the cacti log level to DEBUG via the settings page on Cacti's web UI and look for appropriate messages., IDERA, Mota Data, Lan Guardian, Netmagis, IPv6 and more, PC and Network downloads, Status Cake, Turbo Monitor, WANem, Website uptime/downtine calculator, WHSR Host Uptime Monitor, XIA Configuration, [21 entries].

Gandalf from the Cacti forums wrote a nice Guide that you can use and further help can be found on Cacti forums. Make sure you are collecting data at least as often as the step size.

I logged in with a SSH session and went to my cacti database folder. I read couple posts on the Cacti forms and decided to clean up my poller_output table from shell.

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