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But you don’t need to say you’re a card-carrying member of Mensa.

When I unlocked this album, one man took it as an invitation to send me naked photos that nearly crashed my computer.But while some say that positive thinking is the key to success, thinking alone won’t get you there. The NAR report shows 92% of home buyers use the Internet at some point during their search.Online websites (such as, ahem, are deemed a very useful information source by 82% of buyers, while not quite as many (but still a high number: 78%) say the same about their flesh-and-blood real estate agent., and so you sign up for one of a slew of websites that aim to help yearning hearts like yours find a match. Neither buying your dream home nor finding true love comes without effort. To find out, we pulled together some data about both—the emotional highs and devastating lows that people experience on their journeys. Before you even begin to look for homes, you’ve probably heard all about rising home prices, bidding wars, stringent mortgage standards, and other rough-and-tumble tales (especially if you’re a regular reader of®! If you feel a little disheartened, you’re not alone.You flip through profiles late at night, and certain phrases or well-lit photos make your heart skip a beat. A little over half of home buyers (52%) believe they will find their dream home in their price range, while 48% say it’s impossible, according to a 2014 survey by BMO Harris Bank.

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In fact, I would be skeptical of anyone who volunteers their salary or joins a site like Millionaire Match.

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