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‘I probably would have felt very nervous anyway, but the breast cancer added to this.

I did have a fear that no one would want to be with me once they found out about it.

It wasn't until my date questioned me about what type of cancer I’d had that I realised how embarrassed I was about making the disclosure.

It may have been bad timing but swiftly after telling him my cancer was in my breast, he up and left.

But I soon realised it was a very individual thing and that if and when the time was right, I would broach it.

But without exception the men I have had relationships with have all been totally accepting.

In fact my partner celebrates my “magic breast” as without my surgery I would not still be here.

‘I knew I would have to broach the subject one day so I told him by text (it was easier than a face-to-face conversation) that I needed to go into hospital for another operation, my breast reconstruction.

I gave him the choice there and then to walk away if he couldn’t cope.

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