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Coach Returns to Action Coach and Sam become unlikely romantic rivals for Coach's new neighbor.

Let Me Count the Ways Diane looks to her friends for comfort when her cat dies, but finds everyone too enthralled by a Celtics game to notice.

Diane's Perfect Date Sam and Diane dare each other to find the other's perfect date, but Sam's last minute choice doesn't quite measure up.Father Knows Last Carla reveals she's pregnant but fools another man into thinking he's the father.The Boys in the Bar Cheers' regulars fear the place may become a gay hangout after an old friend and teammate of Sam's reveals his homosexuality in a tell-all book.No Contest Sam enters Diane in the Miss Boston Barmaid contest without telling her.Pick a Con, Any Con Sam enlists Harry the conman to help fleece a card shark who cheated Coach out of a lot of money.

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