Body dating flirting interpreting language male

I may be your quintessential faceless author, but I will confess to being irredeemably male.

This article is a mix of research and personal experience, and seeing myself in many of these gestures and situations was quite an eye-opener.

An upraised wrist is a classic body language display of sincerity and good faith.

You’re his north pole – A man who is interested may subconsciously rotate his torso, knees and feet towards his object of interest.

If he also looks at the sky curiously you have a healthy amount of rapport.

Be on the look out for his eyebrows shooting up briefly when he first notices you.

Here are some examples of what a man seeking to impress a woman will do, and why.

Thumbs in pockets – Ah yes, there’s nothing more manly that this typical male alpha male stance.

Without further a-do, I give you…When it comes to attraction, as males, we are programmed to highlight what we believe are our primordial attributes (this isn’t a conscious process, the time’s have changed but our genes can’t tell) so that women can choose for reproduction.

This makes our body language wildly different from our female counterparts.

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The thing about male body language is that depending on how confident the guy is, he could give out very conflicting messages.

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