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It supports Instant Messaging, Facebook Chat, AIM, Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger also.Home Page Download Page QQ International is an instant messenger.You can share files also on any PC/mobile device across popular messengers. Home Page Download Page Paltalk Messenger is a free messenger. You can send fun animations to other members in a chat room. It has interoperability feature with AIM, Yahoo, Facebook, GTalk and ICQ.Home Page Download Page Chit Chat for Facebook is a Facebook Chat Messenger that enables users to use Facebook Chat without using the web browser.You can use it for instant messaging and for file sharing.Registered users of Skype are identified by a unique Skype name.Home Page Download Pagei Call is a video and audio call utility.It enables you to make completely free PC-to-phone and PC-to-PC calls.

Home Page Download Page IMVU is largest 3D Chat and Dress-Up community. You can meet people in 3D - chat in 3D, and have fun in thousands of animated 3D rooms.

You can follow your friends, post photos and status messages to stay connected in real time.

You can chat with your friends on AIM, Facebook and Google Talk.

It also offers lots of useful applications such as news feeds, language tools, games and videos, directory search and more.

You can share files and multimedia content easily with other users. With QQ International you can make free video calls and video chat with friends.

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