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Periodicals postage paid at Chicago, IL and additional mailing office. Single copies of General Dentistry are available to nonmember individuals for and nonmember institutions for (add for orders outside the U. © Copyright 2015 by the Academy of General Dentistry. Your voice for excellence through education and advocacy AGD Lead Corporate Sponsor 6 May/June 2015 General Dentistry AGD Corporate Sponsors org Editor Roger D. Curtis, DDS, MAGD Director, Communications Cathy Mc Namara Fitzgerald Managing Editor Tiffany Nicole Slade Associate Editor, Publications Barbara Holmstrom Acquisitions Editor Rebecca Palmer Manager, Production/Design Timothy J. Berlin, NJ 08009 856.768.9360 [email protected] Reprints Rhonda Brown Foster Printing Company 866.879.9144, ext. 4097 [email protected] org General Dentistry May/June 2015 7 Editorial The peanut butter and jelly sandwich test G ood communication always includes an effective transfer of knowledge. Harris once pointed out, communication is not about giving out, but getting through. An evaluation of 9-aminoacridine/Gelfoam to reduce dry socket formation. Historically praised for their decreased cariogenic potential and caloric neutrality, artificial sweeteners have recently been linked to alterations in the gut microflora that may generate glucose intolerance.1,2 Glucose intolerance can lead to obesity, Type 2 diabetes, and other expressions of metabolic syndromes. After the collection of the unstimulated saliva, subjects were instructed to chew for 30 seconds on a 5 x 5 cm2 piece of paraffin. Marginal gap, internal fit, and fracture load of leucite-reinforced ceramic inlays fabricated by CEREC in Lab and hot-pressed techniques. Shade selections for dentin were done by examining the center of each tooth, while shade selections for enamel shades were done by examining the proximal/cusp-tip region of each tooth. Incremental layers bonding of silorane composite: the initial bonding properties. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to General Dentistry, 560 W. Email: [email protected] Canadian mailing information: IPM Agreement number 40047941. Email: [email protected] The nonmember individual subscription rate for General Dentistry is 0 for the print version, 0 for the online version, and 5 for print and online versions; the nonmember institution rate is 0 (add for Canada and for outside the U. Henney Associate Designer Jason Thomas Graphic Designer Nick Morland Advertising M. 194 Fax: 219.561.2017 [email protected] Subscriptions Derria Murphy Academy of General Dentistry 888. Insightful teachers understand the distinction between giving out and getting through. Clinicians must weigh the sweeteners’ benefits as sugar-free dietary options against these recently discovered risks.2 In 1879, Constantine Fahlberg discovered saccharin, which is 300 times sweeter than sucrose, but has a bitter aftertaste.3 Saccharin, like most artificial sweeteners, is not digested or absorbed and therefore provides no caloric contribution to the diet.4 In 1937, cyclamate was created but later banned in the United States due to its potentially carcinogenic properties. The saliva produced during this time was then swallowed before the collection was started. Reich S, Gozdowski S, Trentzsch L, Frankenberger R, Lohbauer U. CAD/CAM processed all-ceramic onlays using a milling unit prototype. These were approximated with the central portion of the VITASPAN Classical (Sirona Dental Systems, Inc.) tooth tab. United States Public Health Services (USPHS) modified criteria.12 Criteria Alpha Bravo Charlie Color stability Restoration matches adjacent tooth color. (“You put on the peanut butter,” the boy had written. 8 May/June 2015 General Dentistry org Dental patients aren’t so different from those fourth graders. Chyme passes to the duodenum, the first section of the small intestine, where it meets a secretion of sodium bicarbonate, a basic solution that neutralizes acid. The remaining subjects sipped distilled water with 5% sucrose added (p H 5.8), following exactly the same procedures as described above. Caries present and associated with restoration Restoration is discontinuous, but missing material is not sufficient to expose dentin. Available at: product-overview/amazing-procedures. What do our patients really know about what we try to teach them? Further along in the small intestine, enzymes break down the sugar disaccharides into their monosaccharide components; these org are then absorbed through specialized cells in the villi and transported into the circulatory system.4 Glucose metabolism and satiation Rising sugar levels in the bloodstream cause beta cells in the pancreas to release insulin into the blood. Following a 1-day washout period, volunteers switched to sip the other beverage. The estimation of cement film thickness by an in vivo technique. Minor occasional complaint Sufficient material lost to expose dentin Coarse surface pitting Persistent pain, removal required Phase III After removing the temporary restorations, onlays were checked for proper seating, marginal seal, and occlusion. TELE-satellite is published worldwide in 22 language editions. S.: My favorite radio station of the month: \u201c L Radio\u201d (SIRIUS 4.8 east 11.766H) from the Ukraine. The NIT displays the station\u2019s name as \u201c Love Radio\u201d.12-01/2010 12-01/2010 DXer Report TURKEY Satellite Enthusiast with Four Dishes Four TV Test Report Global Invacom Satellite Meter of the Future with Coax and Optical Inputs Test Report NANOXX 9800HD HDTV Satellite Receiver Loaded with Features Company...Gremillion, DDS, MAGD Pediatrics Jane Soxman, DDS Periodontics Samuel B. After 5 minutes of collection, the disposable cup was reweighed. Shoulder finish lines with rounded internal angles were established, resulting in butt joints, such as a 90 degree cavosurface line angle, using a round-end cylindrical diamond.

“Tell me exactly how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich,” she said. She shuffled the papers and placed them neatly in a stack on her desk. Approved for use in food and drink in 1999, it is the most widely used artificial sweetener on the market today and is 600 times sweeter than its parent compound.3 Acesulfame potassium, another artificial sweetener which 22 May/June 2015 General Dentistry mechanisms and their relationships to health and disease, including possible links to obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. What every dentist needs to know about the human microbiome and probiotics. The orange juice was at room temperature and kept in the mouth for 10 seconds after which volunteers spat out the orange juice/saliva mixture into disposable org screw-capped plastic tubes. A thinner enamel shade layer was used in the cervical regions; a thicker layer was used in the incisal areas.

17 Exodontia A retrospective study on the use of a dental dressing to reduce dry socket incidence in smokers James T. Arranged by topic, this index provides a comprehensive list of articles published on a particular topic in past issues and includes Pub Med citation information. Brent Haeberle, DMD Amara Abreu, DDS, MSD Kurt Metzler, DDS, MS e36 Dental Materials Low-shrinkage composites: an in vitro evaluation of sealing ability after occlusal loading Marco Tullio Brazao-Silva, DDS, Ph D Fabio Cesar Prosdocimi, DDS, Ph D Celso Augusto Lemos-Junior, DDS, Ph D Suzana Cantanhede Orsini Machado de Sousa, DDS, Ph D Marcos O. Nonnutritive Sweeteners: Current Use and Health Perspectives. All subjects contributed 1 sample each of unstimulated and stimulated whole saliva. In the cases of nonvital teeth, pulpectomies were performed, followed by obturation with calcium hydroxide (Apex Cal, Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc.). Evaluation of resin composite material, II: in vivo investigations.

31 Dental Materials Nanoleakage of fiber posts luted with different adhesive strategies and the effect of chlorhexidine on the interface of dentin and self-adhesive cements 22 Nutrition What every dentist should know about artificial sweeteners and their effects Zachary Aaron Starr Judith A. Barceleiro, DDS, MSD, Ph D Giulia Marins Soares, DDS Olivia Espindola, DDS Sergio Kahn, DDS, MSD, Ph D Isis Andrea Venturini Pola Poiate, DDS, MSD, Ph D Helio Rodrigues Sampaio Filho, DDS, MSD, Ph D e27 Medical Health History/ Factors Oral manifestations in gastroesophageal reflux disease Preetha A., MDS Sujatha D., MDS Bharathi A. Before the collection, disposable cups were weighed on an electronic scale (ASF11, Marte Cientifica). A 1 mm thick lining of the GIC was applied to seal the obturating material on the floor of the pulp chamber.

When she was in the eighth grade, Jillian arrived at softball practice on a hot summer afternoon with gauze in her mouth. The opposing actions of these 2 hormones keep glucose levels in a stable range.5-7 In addition to insulin and glucagon, there are other signals—such as glycoproteins (such as GLP-1), hormones (such as leptin and ghrelin), and other metabolic products—that inform the body that it is satisfied and can stop eating.5-7 This state is known as satiation. The p H values of the saliva samples collected at the different time intervals were evaluated with a 3-way ANOVA for repeated measurements and with Tukey’s test. Statistical calculations were performed using SPSS version 20 software (SPSS, Inc.). Influence of porcelain veneering on the marginal fit of Digident and Lava CAD/CAM zirconia ceramic crowns. Prior to etching, circumferential mushroom undercuts were placed in the dentin just above the GIC layer using a round-end diamond.

“My dad just pulled three of my teeth,” she explained. Then one of her teammates said, quietly, “When I get in trouble, my dad only puts me in time-out.” Second, practice precise communication. Articulate each step: “Now I’m putting a ring around the tooth to keep the edge of the resin smooth and well formed.” Offer written handouts. Satiation vs satiety Satiation reflects the cumulative inhibitory feedback that the body has obtained food.5 This feedback comes from digestive, hormonal, cognitive, and sensory cues. A human gut microbial gene catalogue established by metagenomic sequencing. Results The Student’s t test demonstrated no significant difference in salivary parameters in either the orthodontic subjects or the controls (Table 1). Cementation was done with dual cure resin cement (Rely X U100 Self-Adhesive Resin Cement, 3M ESPE), per manufacturer’s instructions (Fig. Excess cement was removed using an explorer (floss for proximal surfaces).

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