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However, is there one specific style of parenting that tends to prevent (or cause) delinquency?

Research suggests that an authoritative parenting style dramatically decreases instances of juvenile delinquency.

Juvenile delinquency, thus, is a broad term connecting adolescents in two significant ways.

Because this covers such a range of offenders, researchers have sought to identify different categories of delinquency, as it is such a broad term. (2008) have identified five categories of juvenile delinquents, with most research concentrating on drug sales and violence.

The term “Juvenile Delinquent” is more of a legal term than it is a diagnosis, and those children labeled juvenile delinquents by the courts are usually diagnosed with conduct disorder (Santrock, 2012).

Poor parenting also has a strong relationship with juvenile delinquency.

The five types of delinquency include: 1) a non-delinquent; 2) minor-persisting; 3) moderate desisting; 4) serious persisting; and 5) serious desisting trajectory.

For the purposes of this article, we will keep our focus on the latter three categories.

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