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Because of these pre-existing conditions, many lack the type of skills that today's workforce requires and instead, settle for low-skill jobs and as a result, they must work two jobs to make ends meet.One major consequence is that the children are left at home with little or no supervision.

While some students have the ability to succeed, unfortunately not all students have the resources available to them to achieve higher learning -- lack of financial resources remain a major challenge.It's a practice they have carried on in the United States, one which has been very helpful for community-building purposes.These temples provide a place for interaction among different generations of Laotian Americans and offer weekend language school and other classes like classical dance and music.Such Laotian American enclaves now exist, though still rare, in those states with a greater number of Laotian Americans, such as New Iberia in Louisiana, San Diego and Fresno in California, and the Washington D. Elders continue to pass down many folktales and stories to first generation Laotian Americans through oral tradition, an important aspect of Laotian culture.The oral culture is a significant teaching tool for the elders because many can only speak, but not write, in their own language.

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Other Laotian ethnic groups include the Khmu, Thaidam, and Lu-Mien (Yao).

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