Armenian dating system

It is said that some letters of the Armenian alphabet were based on the Greek ones.

However, more than a visual similarity, the Armenian and Greek alphabets are rather very close in the letter/sound order.

While the usage of hexagrams (as I have demonstrated) has been significant throughout the course of Armenian history, there exist many other geometrical shapes and symbols prominent in Armenian culture. The (eight pointed) Armenian Star for example deserves it’s own entry and will be covered next time around.The oldest known observatories are located in Armenia. 2800 BCE observatory at Metsamor allowed Ancestral Armenians to develop geometry to such a level they could measure distances, latitudes and longitudes, envision the world as round, and were predicting solar and lunar eclipses about 1000 years before the Egyptians began doing the same.Armenian architecture is often geometrically sound with straight lines connecting columns and mathematical precision.The geometry of the Armenian architecture has stood the test of time by preserving many ancient buildings in a region dominated by war, poverty and natural disasters.The fortress cities and temples that have been excavated in Armenia (some going back as far as 7000 years) show a remarkable awareness of using geometry in constructing sacred buildings, using a complex system of squares, rectangles, circles, polygons with intersecting patterns. With such knowledge one can build structures, create devices and predict astral events.

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