Arianny dating roger huerta

Arianny was born in 1985 in Las Vegas, Nevada United States of America.She attended Palo Verde High School where she is graduated.Later she moved to Palo Verde High School where she completed her bachelor degree Arianny started working to UFC as "Octagon girl" in 2006 at the hard rock hotel and casino in paradise, Nevada.Arianny has also worked as a host for the UFC show with Joe Rogan interviewing many UFC fighter.Years later, they finally got together and formed what has become an unstoppable team.

It probably comes as no surprise that these legitimate tough guys, who are afraid of no one, date and marry some of the most beautiful women in the world.

Pettis was the first UFC Champion to appear on a General Mills Wheaties cereal box.

Despite all of his success, his biggest accomplishment has to be dating the incredibly beautiful Lisette Gadzuric.

Just about every single MMA fighter wants to make it to the UFC.

UFC fighters have become some of th The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the number one mixed martial arts company in the world.

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