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Hidden = True Set ws = Nothing End Sub Thanks guys, I'm not sure why my original code wasn't working, I thought they were doing the same thing... My original code was performing an entirely different operation than what I was calling for. Either way, I married the two of your codes together, ran it, and it works perfectly. I have a simple workbook (Book1) with a macro attached - macro written while using Excel 2010.Screen Updating = False Ch Dir "C:\Test Program" Workbooks.

Set Source Book = Active Workbook ' Copy the contents of the entire sheet containing the text file. The macro opens 3 other workbooks, activates Book1 (after opening the other 3 workbooks), and refreshes the screen All works well in Excel 2010 but, With 2016 (and, I suspect, 2013) the screen flickers during macro execution which suggests that the Application. Also, at the end of the macro the first workbook opened by the macro (i.e. I would appreciate any help to resolve this problem.Book2) is shown as the active workbook when the screen is finally refreshed. For info, the simple code in the macro attached to Book1 is : Sub Open Form() Application. Screen Updating = False Call Unhide_Contra_Info Active Sheet. Here's what I used: Sub hidecols() Dim ws As Worksheet Set ws = Active Sheet Application.

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