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Well, I just need to see Jan Di and Jun Pyo getting married and having kids and also Yi Jung and Ga Eul being together as an official couple and I would be happier if they, too, will get married and have kids.

Love the storyline, and all of the characters they portray their role sooo good. After seeing ji hoo's character, I became huge fan of Kim hyun joong. First of all i thoght that ji hoo & jan di would be together.

I'm really curious how there life will be after that 4 years.

How the relationship betwen Ga-eul and Lee - Jeong will be now that he was back.

I don,t know why Netflix removed this drama I want it back. The actress who plays the part Jandi is great she is really funny at times in this role at the end of the day it is entertainment. the 'commoner' concept was a bit stereotypical but she was still cute.

Yes it has a good ending but I won,t spoil it for you. i haven't finished yet because i was about to start the last episode when netflix removed the show ;_; but i hope it is a good ending and i hope for another season!

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