An intimidating boss

Both times were amazing, they opened my horizon to think about where else I could go. Getting used to life as an actual, functioning adult is hard enough without being terrified of your new boss.Are you still in contact with the people you met there? Through Skype and Facebook, I try to keep in touch with a handful of them. The German companies I worked with definitely taught me very good work ethics, the mentality they have behind work, that was a big one.Where do you think the time in Germany has influenced the life you live right now? I think just being two years in another country opens your mind up to new perspectives.When you arrived, did you see what you expected or where you very surprised about what Germany was like? Good question, it took me a little bit of time to adapt. I lived at my friend’s place, the one who invited me over there, for the first month or so.Duncan from Vancouver made use of the German-Canadian Youth Mobility Agreement and decided to move from the Canadian metropolis to Berlin, the Vancouver of Germany, as it has been described. Then I wanted to get my own space and found a place on Working in a local restaurant, in an internet start-up company, living with a German family and talking to refugees, he found his way in Germany’s capital, now calling it a second home. But I am happy that I got to learn it, it took me three months to be able to properly have a kind of conversation that makes sense. (A free platform to find shared accommodations) , shared accommodation)?

What came first, the plan to go to Germany or the job offer? I was invited to Germany to help with a friend’s restaurant project. And then, I also lived with a German family for longer. The mother was flight attendant, so she was gone for half the month. Did you find it hard to make friends with the local people?Was it a problem that you didn’t speak German in the beginning?There is a lot of Facebook groups for English speakers in Berlin, there’s a whole community of people sharing job postings that are in English.You’ll be much more productive at work if you’re not consumed by nerves and your relationship with your boss will probably be much better for it.This might seem like a fairly obvious suggestion but Jane Scudder, certified career and personal development coach, says it’s her No. Although this doesn't mean that you will act around her the same way you did with your first college roommate, it’s a mental equalizing exercise that reminds you that we're all human and we're all doing our best.” Reminding yourself that your boss is human is comforting because it means that, like you, she’s made mistakes in her professional life and, like you undoubtedly will, she’s overcome them successfully.

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