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He later stopped by the Rimers’ home in the company of a bespectacled stranger; according to the , when the Rimers said they hadn’t seen Pam that day Andy replied, “Oh, well, I guess she’s among the missing.” Andy and his companion soon drove away in a two-tone blue automobile; approximately a half hour later, at 10pm, the Rimers witnessed the same car, a 1980 Plymouth Horizon, return to the Harrison home.A few minutes later a shot rang out; the sound of gunfire was apparently commonplace in the area, however, and the Rimers were unperturbed.Cruel Police still have no leads, no suspects a full decade after brutal murder of Ann Fox Smith Inside One Man’s Serial-Killer Unification Theory Family still searching for answers 25 years after disappearance GONE COLD | 18 years later: Who killed Elaine Nix? 04/24/2018 No clues to escapee’s morbid fate Missing in Michigan: Paige Renkoski’s case still baffles investigators nearly 30 years later Investigators probe possible link between severed heads found in Houston and Louisiana Former GFPD detective stars in six-part serial killer series Relatives continue to seek justice in murder of Central Falls girl The PI Who Solved the Murder of Her SMU College Roommate 18 years later, finally answers: an arrest in the Lauria Bible-Ashley Freeman case The couple, raised in the middleclass suburbs of Philadelphia, spotted their dream home while sightseeing in the Blue Ridge Mountains—a six-room log cabin on eighty acres of woodland in the rustic town of Surgoinsville, Tennessee.It would be, they later told their loved ones, the perfect place to raise a family.05/30/2018 A trail of blood and a murder mystery in Pennsylvania widow’s death Police seek justice for 2 women slain in 1990s, hope new technology might generate leads Suspected serial killer now believed responsible for three unsolved SA murders ‘It killed us’: N. family still searching for justice 25 years after teen’s murder Police: “Many” know what happened to missing Moline girl Trudy Appleby Police receiving calls about anonymous letter detailing Barbara Miller’s 1989 disappearance Sheriff optimistic that new technology might help identify Racine County Jane Doe BBC LONGREAD The doorstep murder: why did a regular family evening end in gunshots?

Pioneering cop’s recent death revives probe of daughter’s unsolved killing in ’87 Missing Marguerite: Alabaster widow gone since 1989 4-year-old still waiting for his missing mom to open Christmas presents Ruth Wilson, the schoolgirl who caught a cab to oblivion Elizabethton students working to solve 30-year-old murders Moore County family still waits for closure in case of missing daughter Conspiracy or serial killer?

The vehicle then departed and for the next forty-eight hours the Harrisons’ cabin was silent.

When the Harrisons failed to report to work for the next two days the couple’s coworkers became anxious.

The cabin, lacking a phone and electricity, needed extensive repair work but the couple was undeterred; in April, 1979 Andy and Pam purchased the property and moved south.

Andy, age twenty-eight, a former high school sports hero, got a job delivering Pepsi products to local convenience stores; Pam, age twenty-seven, a former cheerleader and model, manned the front desk at a nearby Holliday Inn.

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