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Edwin Austin Abbey (1 April 1852 1 August 1911)One of the greatest American illustrators of the Golden Age of Illustration of the last quarter of the 19th century.His work was praised for its design and historical accuracy and he illustrated works by Marvell, Pope, and Shakespeare.Adams attempted to return to advertising work but needed to fill in, ghosting a few weeks for Lou Fine on the syndicated hardboiled detective serial "Peter Scratch", Stan Drake's "The Heart of Juliet Jones" and was hawking around a strip of his own, "Tangent".He was offered work by Peter Scratch-creator Elliot Caplin on a proposed adaptation of Robin Moore's The Green Berets but Adams – opposed to the war – suggested Joe Kubert, who accepted the job.

After producing a handful of war and horror stories for anthologies like Our Army at War, Adams found himself working on The Adventures of Jerry Lewis and The Adventures of Bob Hope.He has worked for film giants George Lucas, Ron Howard and Ray Harryhausen, and produced concept designs for the films Heavy Metal and Willow.His poster work includes Super Girl, Bladerunner and Jackie Chan's The Protector.He took over the artwork with Strange Adventures #206 and illustrated the stories and covers for eleven issues, also taking over the scriptwriting with issue 212.Adams also briefly drew (and even more briefly wrote) The Spectre in 1968.

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Graduating in 1959, and turned down by DC Comics, he submitted samples to Archie Comics where Joe Simon was creating a superhero line.

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