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Moodiness, mild cramping, food cravings & aversions; passing gas; enlarging waist line & ^ white, milky vaginal discharge. Read more What you mean by pregnancy at 1 week, but if you mean you think you conceived 1 week ago, I'm sorry the answers are 1) no and 2) no. Read more Both tests are equally good despite what the companies' adverts might suggest.

There are no reliable symptoms at all, and a test will not be accurate, too early for both. In fact, both of the urine based tests are essentially as accurate as the more expensive blood tests to answer the question - "am I pregnant"? Read more Although the external features are in place by 12 wks after conception, many don't feel confident in making that determination until 18-20 wks. A urine pregnancy test can show a negative result when you are pregnant and very rarely a positive result when you are not.

Our Viability Scan offers early pregnancy assurance to mums from as little as 6 weeks (based on your LMP).

Each of our early pregnancy scans come complete with a medical report.

Even then, the cooperation of baby is needed to make the best determination. Read more Some of the issues associated with Down's syndrome and spina bifida require specialty hospital/surgeons to be available, so knowing the results ahead of time will allow your physician to either have you deliver at those sites or consult someone before delivery ... Also blood and urine tests can be both negative despite a pregnancy if the test is done too early.

All pregnant women in England are offered a screening test for Down's syndrome, Edwards' syndrome and Patau's syndrome between 10 and 14 weeks of pregnancy.

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