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In that case, the court can conclude that the statement meant the employee was a witness and find that the statement is innocent.

The employee must still prove that the statement caused damage, though.For example, an employer that informs an employee assistance program that a truck driver tested positive for heroin use is not liable for defamation if the positive test was false because the employee did not tell the drug testing lab that he was taking prescribed Vicodin.For all the employer knew, the drug test was accurate, and it had no reason to believe otherwise.Immediately after, my ex-boss sent a division-wide email (several-hundred recipients) announcing my layoff and adding his "opinion" that... This is not a case against my employer but against a third party where I execute my duties of employment. Myself and two other employees were accused of being part of a drug ring by other employees on a different shift.The accusers have gotten two other people fired by using HR as an outlet to get rid of... The Charge was I deleted system logs to hide who delet...i am a self-employed truck driver.

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