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She doesn’t want to get late to her dance class, so I speed up the rhythm, pushing the balls deeper and deeper in her puffy pussy, I continue to pound her until she cums all over my dick.She feels my cock swell, knowing I am ready to give her that sweet, hot cum, she sucks harder on my cock, gripping her lips and teeth around the hard plunging shaft. She likes teasing me, flashing me her pussy so she can get me all worked up, making me wait until she gets back from her class for us to fuck. My girl finds it so difficult to keep her clothes on when she’s feeling horny, and her dance clothes, cut tight between her ass cheeks, always make her feel horny. I love watching her practice in the living room before heading off to her dance class, wearing her sexy leg warmers and dance clothes.I start pumping her harder and faster and as she is cumming, she lets out a moan and has one orgasm after another. I get to watch her beautiful bubble butt bouncing up and down on my lap while checking out her hot reflection on the mirror, she looks so fucking sexy impaled on my cock. WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED TO MY LITTLE PUSSY, YOUR COCK IS SO HUGE: She is laying there, legs spread, running her finger up and down her slit. ” I put both hands on her waist and pound her cunt some more in missionary position.Her young pussy is tightened around my cock, she begins to cum again.

She was really beautiful I found myself terribly turned on as I touched her perfect bubble butt, spreading her butt cheeks apart and seeing her tight asshole and pink pussy burger.I begin to erupt, my seed fills her hungry mouth, shooting it down her throat, as she greedily sucks my sweet cum from my cock.She swallows hard, feeling the thick salty mixture slide down her throat.She likes it when I tug on her nipples, making her squirm.She grabs on hard to the couch, taking my hard cock like a pro, cumming as I continue to pound her with every inch of my cock. I get back on the floor so she can straddle herself on top of me, her beautiful ass facing my way as she pushes my hard cock deep inside her gushing cunt, riding me in reverse cowgirl position with her energetic ass.

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