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But I'm more focused on the fact that I've survived and have moved forward than on the battles I've lost."So, what's the issue? Brian will keep trying to deduce what's wrong with me until he hits the jackpot."Of course I'm picky," I say with confidence.

"I want to be in love with the man I'm with and he deserves to be loved.

But for my date, he's not so much interested in my work, but in how my career might be the root-cause of my singlehood."Some people choose to focus on their careers and some choose to have families," my date says emphatically, making the assumption that because I haven't had a family, I've made my choice."I didn't choose to have a career over falling in love, getting married and having children," I reply, my voice again slightly raised.

"I can control many aspects of my career, but I cannot choose when and with whom I fall in love and who returns the love to me.

I didn't plan to be single at 45 or not to have children.""I have a friend who admits she spent too much time focused on her career and not her dating life," Brian says, like it's a diagnosis: "Career-Womanitis.""Women don't often forget to fall in love. Sure, time passes faster than we'd all prefer, but if someone wants to be in a relationship, and most women do, then we find a way to do that when a man who wants the same thing is present in our lives," I reply.

I guarantee, she's either a nut-case or a total C**t. Dipshit, my life is not for you to pry apart with goddamn tweezers of judgement, especially not on a first date. There are a lot of messed up women out there and I'll bet he's met his share.

Nobody wants to marry a woman that lets herself get passed around like a cigarette. Brian foolish man, who asks stupid questions, he obviously did not I Casanova!

What woman will even be with him in order to get sex.

I don't have a net, emotionally or financially, to fall back on. What I would do to have a man in my life whom I could count on when times are tough..."Brian is running out of arguments.

I'm running out of patience."Brian, if you spend the rest of our date searching for what's wrong with me, you'll never discover what's right with me," I say, trying to soothe us both into another topic of conversation. I'm living a life I never dreamed of in many respects.

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Cute guys, please do not forget that not only will you choose, but also women choose you, not the fact that she chooses him. Brian has the right to know what he's getting into.

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