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) And yet today, I bet it’s one of the first things you do when you get in a car because we’ve learned the dangers associated with not buckling up.

What you’re learning today about EMFs is no different.

If you had told me everything you’ve just heard a few months back, I would have said the exact same thing.

Look — 25 years ago no one wore a seatbelt, because we had not yet uncovered the life-saving capacity of something as simple as securing yourself in a deadly moving vehicle. did parents think keeping their arm slung across their children would save anyone’s life?

Usually, he was literally addicted to his exercise routine, which helped him stay in better shape than men 10 or even 20 years younger...

“I highly recommend Nick’s solutions to my patients concerned about the link between EMFs and cancer.The symptoms of Rapid Aging Syndrome induced by excess EMFs have nothing to do with real aging, and often lead to useless suffering.The good news is that they can be reduced or even eliminated completely, and sometimes with the click of a single button — the “Airplane Mode” on your smartphone.All around the world, countries are taking action to protect their citizens (especially children) against these abusive levels of EMF pollution.The French, German and Spanish governments have even issued recommendations to ban wifi from schools because of the developmental problems it could potentially cause in children.

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Denise just couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her new baby, who just couldn’t sleep through the night — no matter what “proven” grandma trick she tried.

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