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They'd been dating for a couple of months, and had long since progressed past make-out sessions and handjobs to 69ing, which she'd never done with anyone before.

And it was amazing, even if he did cum first and could only finish Violet with his fingers.

Two years younger and five inches taller, Chris was a different matter, with his dark, shaggy hair and brown bedroom eyes, all shadows and angles and mystery. Bean catalog, Chris was a poster child for youth in revolt.

*** Richard and Miranda Marchbanks fell in love with Knotty Pines Cabin as soon as they laid eyes on it, nestled in the shoals of the Appalachian Mountains.

When their youngest, Violet, was ten, she decided to make a sign for it out of a scrap piece of wood and paint.

Concealed pit traps were dug, forts destroyed, fights ended with black eyes and bloody noses.

Back at home though, an unspoken truce would be called, and they'd get along with the same ease as usual.

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